Visiting to The Mayor AŞGIN from Kuzey Gücü Corporated Company

Emir Serkan KILIÇ, Chairman of the Board, Şahin YILDIZ, General Manager, Enver YILMAZ, General Coordinator, and Duran ATAK, Press Advisor of Kuzey Gücü Corporated Company visited Halil İbrahim AŞGIN, the Mayor of Çorum.

Members of the board directors, that gave some information about the company presented documents and gave some information about projects that were planned to make in Çorum and Kuzey Gücü SPA thermal hot springs. AŞGIN, the Mayor, stated that he was highly pleased to this visiting and he cares about all kinds of investments and will provide supports in the legal framework. And he also stated that he will visit Kuzey Gücü Corporated Company.
Members of the board directors of Kuzey Gücü Corporated Company stated they would be pleased to this visiting that will be made by Mayor AŞGIN.