ATİK Board of Directors met on 18 September

ATİK (European Trade Cooperation Council), Çorum ATİK board of directors, which operates in 57 countries and 186 cities, met on the 18th of September 2019. The board of directors, chaired by Fahri Karayan, Chairman of ATİK Çorum and Regional President, evaluated Kuzey Gücü Company and regional investments and investment, import and export issues worldwide. Fahri Karayan, who also presented a plaque to the members of the Board of Directors, made an assessment with them on general issues, received their opinions and shared the vision and mission of ATİK. When ATİK Board of Directors completes its regional structuring, they aim to create a strong structure that will cooperate with all the industrialists, tradesmen, producers, importers, exporters and investors, become partners, support, provide financial support and enable them to export and import under better conditions.