Kazakhstan cares Turkish investors

Kazakhstan cares about Turkish investors.
Kuzey Gücü Company will establish a factory in Kazakhstan.
Steps have started to be taken in the ongoing negotiations and investments to be made in this country were discussed before the Embassy of Kazakhstan. Many issues including investment costs, investment region, investment supports and employment of the first factory planned to be established were discussed in detail with the Ambassador of Kazakhstan Abzal Saparbekuly. At the meeting held at the Embassy of Kazakhstan on Monday, 2 September 2019, Fahri Karayan, Honorary President of Kuzey Gücü and President of European Trade Cooperation Council (ATİK Çorum), Emir Serkan Kılıç, Chairman of Kuzey Gücü Company, Şahin Yıldız, General Manager of the Company, İsmail Özkul and Mevlut Delikaraoğlu, Factory Installation and Subcontractor, and Abzal Saparbekuly, Kazakhstan Ambassador, Askhat Dautov, Undersecretary, Nuriddin Amankul Undersecretary of Investment, talked about the planned investments in Kazakhstan. Abzal Saparbekuly, the ambassador of Kazakhstan, said that they care about all investments made in Kazakistan, but they care more about the investments of Turkish businessmen. Ambassador Abzal Saparbekuly said the factory location and offices will be given free of charge, taxes won’t be received and all kinds of social security and economic support will be provided. Ambassador Abzal Saparbekuly stated that the creation of employment and added value is important for Kazakhstan and that he is very pleased to know Çorum ATİK Administration and Kuzey Gücü company and that he wants to visit them as soon as possible. Fahri Karayan, Çorum ATİK President, said that they would be glad to see the Ambassador to visit Çorum and that they look forward to this visiting.