ATİK Board of Directors met on 18 September

ATİK (European Trade Cooperation Council), Çorum ATİK board of directors, which operates in 57 countries and 186 cities, met on the 18th of September 2019. The board of directors, chaired by Fahri Karayan, Chairman of ATİK Çorum and Regional President, evaluated Kuzey Gücü Company and regional investments and investment, import and export issues worldwide. Fahri Karayan, who also presented a plaque to the members of the Board of Directors, made an assessment with them on general issues, received their opinions and shared the vision and mission of ATİK. When ATİK Board of Directors completes its regional structuring, they aim to create a strong structure that will cooperate with all the industrialists, tradesmen, producers, importers, exporters and investors, become partners, support, provide financial support and enable them to export and import under better conditions.

Kazakhstan cares Turkish investors

Kazakhstan cares about Turkish investors.
Kuzey Gücü Company will establish a factory in Kazakhstan.
Steps have started to be taken in the ongoing negotiations and investments to be made in this country were discussed before the Embassy of Kazakhstan. Many issues including investment costs, investment region, investment supports and employment of the first factory planned to be established were discussed in detail with the Ambassador of Kazakhstan Abzal Saparbekuly. At the meeting held at the Embassy of Kazakhstan on Monday, 2 September 2019, Fahri Karayan, Honorary President of Kuzey Gücü and President of European Trade Cooperation Council (ATİK Çorum), Emir Serkan Kılıç, Chairman of Kuzey Gücü Company, Şahin Yıldız, General Manager of the Company, İsmail Özkul and Mevlut Delikaraoğlu, Factory Installation and Subcontractor, and Abzal Saparbekuly, Kazakhstan Ambassador, Askhat Dautov, Undersecretary, Nuriddin Amankul Undersecretary of Investment, talked about the planned investments in Kazakhstan. Abzal Saparbekuly, the ambassador of Kazakhstan, said that they care about all investments made in Kazakistan, but they care more about the investments of Turkish businessmen. Ambassador Abzal Saparbekuly said the factory location and offices will be given free of charge, taxes won’t be received and all kinds of social security and economic support will be provided. Ambassador Abzal Saparbekuly stated that the creation of employment and added value is important for Kazakhstan and that he is very pleased to know Çorum ATİK Administration and Kuzey Gücü company and that he wants to visit them as soon as possible. Fahri Karayan, Çorum ATİK President, said that they would be glad to see the Ambassador to visit Çorum and that they look forward to this visiting.

Return a visit to AKP and CHP

As Kuzey Gücü Corporated Company management we paid a return visit to AKP Provincial Head Yusuf Ahlatçı and CHP Provincial Head Hasan Eray Tüfekçi.

We thanked AKP Provincial Head and District Administrative Boards and CHP Provincial Head and District Administrative Boards to bring honor to us by attending Company’s opening on the 2nd of August.
In this visit they said they would support us as they said before. And they also stated that they care projects and employment that will be made by Kuzey Gücü.

Federation President, Tepe, “This project will bring to life to our District.”

Federation President, Tepe, “This project will bring to life to our District.”

Kemal Tepe ,Mecitözü Associations Federation President, visited Kuzey Gücü Company.
He said they have contacts with 15 associations, 5 representatives, 54 villages and neighbourhoods which are bounded to their federation.

He also said they have associations in big cities as İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir and they established a togetherness under the umbrella of Federation and try to keep people together without any difference.

Mecitözü is the oldest district of Çorum and this Thermal SPA Hotel with 300 rooms Project makes people of Mecitözü exceedingly happy.

Our district that has not taken any investments for a long time and opening gate of Çorum to Eastern Anatolia, also has importance as being a passageway of Amasya, Tokat and Sivas.

We also care about this 5-star Thermal Hotel Project that will be built in Figani Villiage, important for employment and Tourism Vocational High School which we want to be built in our District.

Hereby we thank Kuzey Gücü Corporated Company and wish this company success in its business life and we wish this Project comes true as soon as possible.

İyi Party Provincial Head Visited Kuzey Gücü Company

Bekir Özsaçmacı, İYİ party Çorum Provincial Head, visited Kuzey Gücü Corporated Company. By visiting Fahri Karayan, The Honorary President of the company, he stated that they will support all works that can contribute to the city and he wished the best for the company.

Psychologist Dr. And Vocal Artist Cevizci Visited Kuzey Gücü Company

Kuzey Gücü Şirketler Grubu Sayın Psikolog Dr. Oğuzhan Cevizci’ye bundan Sonraki Yaşamında Ve Sanat Yaşamında Başarılar Dileyerek
Ziyaretinden Duyduğu Memnuniyeti Dile Getir.

Psychologist Dr. Oğuzhan Cevizci who is also a popular vocal artist visited Kuzey Gücü Corporated Company and wished the best for the company. Kuzey Gücü Corporated Company uttered they were very pleased for this visiting by wishing success to him for his career and musical life to Psychologist Dr. Oğuzhan Cevizci.

Zeki Gül Visited Kuzey Gücü Company

Zeki Gül, former Çorum Mayor and Wrestling Federation Deputy Chairman, visited Kuzey Gücü company. Gül who visited Kuzey Gücü company with Haşim Eğer, Provincial Director of Youth and Sports, wished success to the Honorary President Fahri Karayan and board members of the company. The Honorary President Fahri Karayan and board members stated they were highly pleased for this visiting and thanked Gül and Eğer.

Eyüp Arslan Visited Kuzey Gücü Company

Geological engineer Eyüp Arslan visited Kuzey Gücü Corporated Company. He wished the best for the company.
Arslan who had been assigned as Ak Party Youth Branches Chairman, Party Board Duty, and Çorum Ak Party Provincial Vice President had become Çorum Mayor Candidate for Nomination.

This Project Is Important For The Region

Board members of Kuzey Gücü Corporated Company Emir Serkan Kılıç, Şahin Yıldız, Enver Yılmaz and press agent Duran Atak visited CESOB Chairman Recep Gürz.

Emir Serkan Kılıç, Board Chairman of Kuzey Gücü Corporated Company, gave some information about the Project that is thought to actualize in the region.

CESOB Chairman Recep Gürz said this Project is very important for the region and will generate employment including small businesses.

Mr. Gür stated Çorum-Amasya road is the gate that opens to Eastern Anatolia and there are no any investments as this in this region so this makes this project more valuable.

Visiting to The Mayor AŞGIN from Kuzey Gücü Corporated Company

Emir Serkan KILIÇ, Chairman of the Board, Şahin YILDIZ, General Manager, Enver YILMAZ, General Coordinator, and Duran ATAK, Press Advisor of Kuzey Gücü Corporated Company visited Halil İbrahim AŞGIN, the Mayor of Çorum.

Members of the board directors, that gave some information about the company presented documents and gave some information about projects that were planned to make in Çorum and Kuzey Gücü SPA thermal hot springs. AŞGIN, the Mayor, stated that he was highly pleased to this visiting and he cares about all kinds of investments and will provide supports in the legal framework. And he also stated that he will visit Kuzey Gücü Corporated Company.
Members of the board directors of Kuzey Gücü Corporated Company stated they would be pleased to this visiting that will be made by Mayor AŞGIN.